Bruno Latour and Peter Sloterdijk (II)

Click to enlarge The opposite strategies of naturalization and socialization are able to stupefy the mind only because they are always thought of separately. But as soon as you combine the two moves, you realize that nature and society are two perfectly happy bedfellows whose opposition is a farce, and that what Peter and IContinue reading “Bruno Latour and Peter Sloterdijk (II)”

Bruno Latour and Peter Sloterdijk (I)

Click to enlarge I was born a Sloterdijkian. When, thirty years ago, I was preparing the proofs of Laboratory Life, I had included in the pictures, to the disgust of my scientist informants, a black-and-white photograph of the air-conditioned machinery of the Salk Institute in which I had done my fieldwork. “What does this hasContinue reading “Bruno Latour and Peter Sloterdijk (I)”

Design Strategies: MOS’s PS.1


Platform 2008: Under the Mask

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