On Starchitecture

Rem (Koolhaas, not the music band), “The architect planning for the future”, talks to the CNN here (via Archinect). Also, Rem increased his art collection in Rapid Eye Movement, the Kunst-Haas gallery and the Venice Biennale, and this cartoon actually made its way to OMA’s canteen in Rotterdam. For more Klaustoon on Koolhaas, check ManContinue reading “On Starchitecture”

Past Events: Changes in the GSD

MOHSEN MOSTAFAVI APPOINTED NEW DEAN: http://sorcerer.design.harvard.edu/gsdlectures/f2007/moshen.mov “ON CONJECTURE” MODERATED BY SANFORD KWINTER: http://sorcerer.design.harvard.edu/gsdlectures/f2008/onconjecture2.mov

Ecological Urbanism (II): Koolhaas, Kwinter, Bhabha

  LIVEBLOGGING KOOLHAAS, BHABHA, KWINTER: http://www.archinect.com/schoolblog/entry.php?id=87421_0_39_0_C ECOLOGICAL URBANISM CONFERENCE: http://ecologicalurbanism.gsd.harvard.edu/ ON INFORMALITY: http://gsd-ecologicalurbanism.blogspot.com/2009/04/on-informality-response-by-kazys.html

Koolhaas at Harvard: Ecological Urbanism (I)

KOOLHAAS TO OPEN ECOLOGICAL URBANISM SYMPOSIUM: http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/03/rem-koolhaas-harvard-gsd-conference-ecological-urbanism.php ECOLOGICAL URBANISM CONFERENCE: http://ecologicalurbanism.gsd.harvard.edu/ ON STARCHITECTURE: https://klaustoon.wordpress.com/2009/04/23/on-starchitecture/ CHASING REM: http://gsd-ecologicalurbanism.blogspot.com/2009/04/candid-photos.html

Past Events: Scott Cohen vs. Ben van Berkel

BEN VAN BERKEL CHATS WITH PRESTON SCOTT COHEN AT HARVARD: http://sorcerer.design.harvard.edu/gsdlectures/f2006/BVanberkel.mov OF DIAGRAMS AND AFTER: ACONVERSATION WITH BEN VAN BERKEL: http://the-t-machine.blogspot.com/2008/05/by-dimitris-gourdoukis-unstudio-has.html

Latour and Sloterdijk (III)

Click to enlarge What would be amusing, if it had not been such a waste of time, is that “spiritualists” have exerted themselves for three centuries trying to save from the diluvium the little arch of the human soul floating on the vast ocean of the ever-mounting res extensa, without realizing that this ocean wasContinue reading “Latour and Sloterdijk (III)”