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Just for the sake of clarity, I’d like to make it clear this does not reflect neither an unconscious -or conscious- obsession with Ciro Najle -whose own obsession I find truly interesting- nor an attempt to capitalize on the fact that, for some unexplainable reason, the cartoon about the Motherhouse lecture (the mother of all lectures) is one of the most popular within the site.

That was a long sentence; the explanation goes on: This cartoon was sketched at around the same time as the original one, and illustrates very accurately two facts: a) The tendency of ideas to appear in clusters; b) The very limited number of ideas I can come up with. In any case, I promise that I won’t be redesigning the same joke for the next fifteen years.

I think fourteen’s more than enough

For those who are asking for more:

Teoría Arquitectónica de los Sistemas Complejos (Ciro Najle’s conference, in Spanish):

GSD Lectures: Ciro Najle’s Motherhouse.

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