Klaus in Portimão


From November 26 to December 26 2010, there will be an ongoing cartoon exhibition in Portimão (Portugal). It is an initiative of the Delegação Algarve of the Ordem dos Arquitectos and the Casa Granturismo office, in collaboration with the Teatro TEMPO, the bar Porta Velha and the association of store owners of Portimão’s historical center. The exhibition is a combination of traditional exhibit and guerilla art that uses both enclosed gallery spaces and also the streets of the old town in Portimão.

The opening took place yesterday at the Bar Porta Velha, with an introduction by Vítor Manuel da Costa Lourenço, president of the Algarve Architects Society, and a presentation-conversation between me, Ricardo Camacho -principal in Casa Granturismo and also principal instigator of the event- and Osvaldo Sousa and Rui Vargas, from ORV.

I can’t start to explain how thrilled I feel when seeing the cartoons printed an exhibited at such a scale, so for the moment  I’d like to thank the organizers for coming up with this idea and sponsoring it, and everyone who attended the presentation for their kind attention and the warm atmosphere that was created there. Also, many thanks for the people who helped put the exhibition together, and especially to Filipa Cabrita for the long hours she spent in every aspect of the production. I’ll be posting some images and a real explanation of the exhibit (with due acknowledgments to all the participants) in a later post.

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  1. Hi Koldo. There’ll be no second edition of the book: I realized the book should be entirely re-written and I can’t do it properly (I’m too lazy and inefficient). But thanks for asking!

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