The New City Reader: Food (IV). I’ve Got the Obligatory Hendrix’s Perm

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Ok, so let’s say I posted something else before this especially difficult month ended. This is the last of the four cartoons I did for The New City Reader: Food Section, that got lost in November’s posting craze, that time when we all thought that this blog could go into some kind of regularity. The other three, with the series of not-very-funny jokes on Phillip Johnson and friends can be found here, here, and (Voluto, my favorite) here (Or just go to the Food or New City Reader categories in the blog).

This last one, which clearly shows the same out-of-the-box-iness as the one my favorite sex maniacs, Kazys and Robert Sumrell pitched for me, was suggested by Nicola Twiley, from edible geography, who was one of the editors for the issue.  It directly illustrates a real conversation she found in the always amazing “Overheard in New York”. Don’t know this site? Well, check it out, if you dare. It features the weirdest verbal exchanges in urban settings I’ve ever read. So weird they can only be found in real life. There’s a chance once you enter you’ll never be able to leave. They even have a book or two.

So, all this just to make the point I have no obsessions with bondage or body fluids. Or, if I have them, that they don’t permeate through my work (‘permeate’ may not be the best verb to use in this context). At least, I haven’t received any letter from Michael Graves’s lawyer so far. I’ll keep my fingers (and legs) crossed.

(Ain’t the title clever, this time? No? Oh, for Roger Waters’ sake…)


On Tue, Nov 2, 2010 at 8:27 PM, Nicola Twilley  wrote:

In line at an icecream truck:

Two big hip african american women and a 2 yr old girl in a princess dress were in front of me in line.

One woman says to the other: “Shit, we’re going to be late. I have to stop by her sperm donor’s barbershop before he closes up.”


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