Get a Job(s)

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“Tim Cook has just been given the toughest job of his life. He is stepping into the shoes of one of the most innovative leaders of our time and he now has to do it alone. And can anyone truly run a company that is really completely synonymous with its former leader? Tim Cook has not only been asked to replace a great manager but an icon.”

Meredith Lepore. – How Will Tim Cook Follow Steve Jobs?

The image in this post has been clipped from a bigger cartoon-proposal for Clog: Apple, the second installment of Clog Magazine that focuses on Apple´s architecture and design. Clog: Apple will be released in February 2012. My contribution for Clog´s first issue (Clog: Big) can be found here and here.

Published by klaustoon

Klaus is a frustrated cartoonist that lives in an old castle in Europe. In his other life he is also a frustrated architect and scholar who...

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