Merry Christmas (Manic Corbusian Snowmen Celebrate Christmas)

Hm… Not feeling particularly inspired to draw something new this year, so I decided to recycle -yet one more time- an old drawing, where I had these characters that show up every now and then in the  cartoons (I guess I´ll have to explain where they come from at some point) into Calvin and Hobbes. Somehow. ThisContinue reading “Merry Christmas (Manic Corbusian Snowmen Celebrate Christmas)”

Hypertourism. Illustration for (in)forma 06

Click to enlarge At some point at the beginning of the Summer, Darwin Marrero, Assistant Dean at the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico contacted me in order to contribute something to the upcoming sixth issue of (in)forma, which he was editing. The topic for the issue, “Hiperturismo” (Hypertourism) sounded really engaging,Continue reading “Hypertourism. Illustration for (in)forma 06”