Exhibitions 2015: ‘Chatter: Architecture Talks Back’ at the Art Institute of Chicago

Click to enlarge. Copyright David Schalliol So, after last year’s relative silence, 2015 is featuring an also relative back to business in terms of exhibition-related events, with a couple of cameos in bigger exhibitions, and maybe something else a little later. -Of course, all of them happen because there are extremely kind people out thereContinue reading “Exhibitions 2015: ‘Chatter: Architecture Talks Back’ at the Art Institute of Chicago”

Competitive spirit – Illustration for A10 #62

Click to enlarge ALA is one of Finland’s success stories, winning a major competition at the age of 30, heading a 40+ employees’ office at 40 and now looking abroad for new opportunities. Besides redoing the Finnish embassy in New Delhi they are also working on the high profile new library in Helsinki. Still, theyContinue reading “Competitive spirit – Illustration for A10 #62”

SO-IL: Reflections from overseas – Illustration for A10 #61

Click to enlarge Yes, unfortunately, this year’s scholarly life and my increasing committments with real publishing (aaahhh… money…) and its dreadful deadlines (ahhh…. my weekends…) has resulted in an almost total neglection of the blog. So, in order to catch up a little, let’s move on with the series of illustrations I’ve been doing for A10Continue reading “SO-IL: Reflections from overseas – Illustration for A10 #61”