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So, the story behind this one: As the title sort of hints at, this wasn’t actually published in A10 #56 -The interview was, but not the illustration. The only reason was timing: Indira van’t Klooster, then editor of the (late) magazine, contacted me asking if I was interested in starting this series (for all the ‘Interchange’ cartoons, click here). In the end, it turned out that I was, but it happened at a time when I had too much on my plate, and by the time we agreed and shook hands, the magazine was due to go to print. Thus, the first interview didn’t feature its required drawing. As it usually happens, once the seed has been planted, it just naturally grows, so even though I didn’t have the time to produce it, I already had an idea that I quite liked… but which would have to go to one of those ‘missed opportunities’ drawers. Fast forward a couple years, and Indira contacts me again, saying she’s putting together a book compiling the interviews (more info here), and needs the drawing on Jürgen to complete the set. So, here you have, for the first time, Jürgen Mayer H. and his Metropol Parasol in full Alice in Wonderland fashion.

An itch scratched.


‘I look upon the majority of a new generation with great interest, and I really value the emphasis put on the social aspects of architecture besides new developments in digitalization and new media. But it rarely brings new design agendas and innovations. There seems to be a convention in aesthetics of being a bit too self-satisfied in too early a stage. Now and then I would like to be a bit more surprised by what I see – a bit more risk, I guess… Make it an argument through architecture and show more design ambition, bring out into the built world what is researched and experimented in so many architecture schools and labs all over.’

Jürgen Mayer H. (in Indira Van’t Klooster: ‘Georgian wonderland’. A10 #56, March- April 2014).

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