Eisenmansion (A Klaus Entry on the Coronamaison Challenge)

Click to enlarge On these days of seclusion, internet is becoming for many, more than ever, the only contact with the world outside (as if it wasn’t before already, for some). And for those of us whose daily activities deal in one degree or another, with drawing, social media are offering a wide range ofContinue reading “Eisenmansion (A Klaus Entry on the Coronamaison Challenge)”

Cover of Arquine #91: (Un)sustainable City

  Click to enlarge As many of you already know if you’re reading these lines, in 2014 I started contributing to Mexican architecture magazine Arquine, which, after the sad demise of both Uncube and A10, has become my longest ongoing collaboration with any architectural media. There have been many -and varied- fruitful results from this relationship,Continue reading “Cover of Arquine #91: (Un)sustainable City”