Numerus Klausus #03: Animal Farm / On Recycling

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge “Our Design for the Parrish Art Museum is a reinterpretation of a very Herzog & De Meuron typology, the traditional house form. What we like about this typology is that it is open for many different functions, places, and cultures. Each time this simple, almost banal form has becomeContinue reading “Numerus Klausus #03: Animal Farm / On Recycling”

Learning to talk architecture

Click to read “New trends and new times, new market conditions and newer communicational means are also creating, it seems, new modes of architectural production-consumption and along with them, an allegedly new type of professional with skills suited for an era where communication primes. News spreads at an increasingly faster rate, generating an exponential inflationContinue reading “Learning to talk architecture”

The New City Reader

Click to enlarge This cartoon is a collaboration for The New City Reader: A Newspaper of Public Space, a project created by the hyperactive and always brilliant (he’s a rather handsome guy too) director of the NetLab, Kazys Varnelis, and the also eminently able Joseph Grima, former director of the Storefront for Art and ArchitectureContinue reading “The New City Reader”

Iterations: Marketing Strategies (I): Ciro Najle’s Motherhouse

Click to enlarge Just for the sake of clarity, I’d like to make it clear this does not reflect neither an unconscious -or conscious- obsession with Ciro Najle -whose own obsession I find truly interesting- nor an attempt to capitalize on the fact that, for some unexplainable reason, the cartoon about the Motherhouse lecture (theContinue reading “Iterations: Marketing Strategies (I): Ciro Najle’s Motherhouse”

Past Events: Ordos 2008 with Jeff Kipnis

From the Archives of Trays: Ordos Discussion with Jeff Kipnis at the GSD Webcasts:

Iterations (IV): MOS’s Digital Regionalism

From the Archives of Trays: Afterparty in Flickr: Afterparty in Space Invading:

Design Strategies: MOS’s PS1 (II)