Russian Connection

Just in time to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mathias Rust’s famous vacation to Moscow, Russian Magazine Project International features this month an old cartoon from this blog. Actually -unlike Mr. Rust- I came in as a guest. Last month, Sergei Sitar, from Project Russia, contacted me in order to publish one of the Latour&SloterdijkContinue reading “Russian Connection”

Mohsen Mostafavi and Sanford Kwinter: Hairstyles

Mohsen Mostafavi and Sanford Kwinter, “On Conjecture”: From the Archives of Trays: (enhanced version) Sanford Kwinter: Mohsen Mostafavi: and… Alan Altshuler:

Iterations (II): Changes Step by Step

For those of you that wonder how these things are done, here you can have a hint of the process from pencils to finished cartoon. 1. On top:  Breakdowns/pencils on sketching paper. 2. Inks ontop of blue lines printed on a thicker paper. 3. Final drawing with grey halftones added with the computer.

Past Events: Changes in the GSD


Latour and Sloterdijk (III)

Click to enlarge What would be amusing, if it had not been such a waste of time, is that “spiritualists” have exerted themselves for three centuries trying to save from the diluvium the little arch of the human soul floating on the vast ocean of the ever-mounting res extensa, without realizing that this ocean wasContinue reading “Latour and Sloterdijk (III)”

Bruno Latour and Peter Sloterdijk (II)

Click to enlarge The opposite strategies of naturalization and socialization are able to stupefy the mind only because they are always thought of separately. But as soon as you combine the two moves, you realize that nature and society are two perfectly happy bedfellows whose opposition is a farce, and that what Peter and IContinue reading “Bruno Latour and Peter Sloterdijk (II)”

Bruno Latour and Peter Sloterdijk (I)

Click to enlarge I was born a Sloterdijkian. When, thirty years ago, I was preparing the proofs of Laboratory Life, I had included in the pictures, to the disgust of my scientist informants, a black-and-white photograph of the air-conditioned machinery of the Salk Institute in which I had done my fieldwork. “What does this hasContinue reading “Bruno Latour and Peter Sloterdijk (I)”