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“Our built environment and the places we live in are so important to us, socially, economically, environmentally and culturally. Not just on an obvious day-to-day basis, but in relation to some of the big questions of our time – how do we build enough homes and make the places we live in outstanding? How do we meet the challenge of climate change? And, topically, how do we design places less susceptible to the terrible floods that hit so much of the country this winter.

My review of architecture and built environment, commissioned by culture minister Ed Vaizey, intends to answer these questions and many others besides. Crucially, it calls for a new proactive approach to the planning system: anticipating needs and opportunities, not simply responding to proposals for new development, and looking at places in their entirety rather than just at individual buildings and their design.

Sir Terry Farrell: “Why the UK does not need a formal architecture policy”. The Guardian, Monday 31 March 2014

In January 2013 Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and the Creative Industries, asked Sir Terry Farrell to undertake a national review of architecture and the built environment. A couple months ago, Phin Harper (@PhinHarper), from The Architectural Review, asked me if I would be interested in doing a tongue-in-cheek parody of it, substituting Terry Farrell for Pharrell Williams. Unsophisticated humor? How could I say no? In the end, we had to rush a little bit, because Sir Terry unleashed his review a little earlier than expected, so Phin and I had to work against the clock to squeeze Pharrell’s songs in between Terry’s assessments. The final words on the cartoon are Phin’s, and you’ll have to go to the AR’s site to read them, and see the cartoon in its full original glory. More on this soon.

For those interested in knowing more about the Farrell Review, you can check Dezeen’s Amy Frearson’s conversation with Farrell, read the full 60 recommendations at The Architects’ Journal, or go to the Farrell Review’s own site.

Kunst-Haas in the streets of Portimão

Last night, at a conference-dialogue at ISMAT, we launched a Photographic Marathon to go along with the Exhibition Klaus.Toon: From NY to Portimão, organised in collaboration with the Delegação do algarve da Ordem dos Arquitectos. The call for submissions will be open till January 10, 2011. The terms are detailed in the announcement below. Thanks from here to Josué Elizario and Hugo Nazareth for their invitation, to Ricardo Camacho, Rui Vargas and Vítor Lourenço, and to the staggeringly crowded -and participative- audience that granted us with their attention for over two hours.



The exhibition Klaus.Toon: From New York to Portimão, which will be displayed in Portimão from November 26 to December 26, 2010, has been conceived as a mixture between a traditional gallery-enclosed exhibition and a piece of guerrilla-art, where the cartoons make part of a performance where art and city interact.

Organised in a threefold structure, that starts at the Teatro TEMPO, with another vertex at the Praça da República and a third meeting point in Bar Porta Velha (Travessa Manuel Dias Barão) the aim of the exhibition is to turn the streets of Portimão’s old centre into a gallery space by displaying the rest of the works on the shop windows of different stores located in Rua Direita, Rua Diogo Tomé, Alameda da República and Rua Vasco da Gama.

Following this logics of interaction the Ordem dos Arquitectos – Delegação Algarve launches a photographic marathon where we invite everyone to record the different situations fostered by the presence of the exhibition in the street. We are looking for pictures that depict the funny, weird, surprising or just casual interactions between people and the exhibition, but also pictures of the cartoons themselves, either in isolation or in context, series of pictures, or whatever other ideas the photographers want to show.

The photos will be uploaded on a Klaustoon’s  Flickr account, and a selection of them will be shown in Klaustoon’s Blog. Also, the best photos will be awarded a cartoon of their choice once the exhibition is over.

We want your photos! Please, send them to



A exposição Klaus.Toon – “De Nova Iorque a Portimão”, que decorre em Portimão de 26 de Novembro a 26 de Dezembro de 2010, foi concebida como um cruzamento entre a tradicional galeria fechada e a peça de “guerrilla-art”, onde os cartoons fazem parte de uma performance de interacção entre a arte e a cidade.

A exposição é organizada em três partes, começa no “Tempo” ( Teatro Municipal de Portimão), tem um vértice na Praça da República e termina num terceiro ponto de encontro no Bar “Porta Velha” (Travessa Manuel Dias Barão). Tem o objectivo de transformar as ruas do centro histórico de Portimão numa galeria aberta ao envolver o resto do trabalho nas montras das várias lojas da Rua Direita, Rua Diogo Tomé, Alameda da República e Rua Vasco da Gama.

Seguindo esta lógica de interacção, a Ordem dos Arquitectos – Delegação do Algarve e a Casa Gran Turismo – Silves, promovem uma maratona de fotografia que convida todos os interessados a participarem e a recolherem fotográficamente várias interpretações ou situações, que a presença da exposição nas ruas possa proporcionar. Procuram-se imagens que possam suscitar o alegre, o esquisito, a surpresa ou simplesmente a interacção casual entre as pessoas e a exposição, imagens dos próprios cartoons isoladamente ou num determinado contexto, séries de imagens ou qualquer outro tipo de ideias que os fotógrafos queiram transmitir.

As fotografias serão publicadas na internet, na conta Klaustoon Flickr e as seleccionadas divulgadas no Klaustoon’s Blog. Será ainda atribuído às melhores fotografias um cartoon a cada, escolhido pelos premiados. Os trabalhos deverão ser enviados até dia 10 de Janeiro de 2011 em formato jpeg 800×600 (72dpi).

Precisamos das suas fotografias! Por favor, enviar para

Cartoon Location Plan (Design by Filipa Cabrita)

You can also download the flyer of the exhibition with the cartoon guide here.


From November 26 to December 26 2010, there will be an ongoing cartoon exhibition in Portimão (Portugal). It is an initiative of the Delegação Algarve of the Ordem dos Arquitectos and the Casa Granturismo office, in collaboration with the Teatro TEMPO, the bar Porta Velha and the association of store owners of Portimão’s historical center. The exhibition is a combination of traditional exhibit and guerilla art that uses both enclosed gallery spaces and also the streets of the old town in Portimão.

The opening took place yesterday at the Bar Porta Velha, with an introduction by Vítor Manuel da Costa Lourenço, president of the Algarve Architects Society, and a presentation-conversation between me, Ricardo Camacho -principal in Casa Granturismo and also principal instigator of the event- and Osvaldo Sousa and Rui Vargas, from ORV.

I can’t start to explain how thrilled I feel when seeing the cartoons printed an exhibited at such a scale, so for the moment  I’d like to thank the organizers for coming up with this idea and sponsoring it, and everyone who attended the presentation for their kind attention and the warm atmosphere that was created there. Also, many thanks for the people who helped put the exhibition together, and especially to Filipa Cabrita for the long hours she spent in every aspect of the production. I’ll be posting some images and a real explanation of the exhibit (with due acknowledgments to all the participants) in a later post.

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