Dancing about Architecture: A conversation with architect and cartoonist Klaus

Click to enlarge I’ve been neglecting posting this since April, when it was published, after teasing about it for several months on twitter. But, since it took me ages to actually deliver it to the editors, I think it’s kinda fitting. To make a long story short: Over a year ago (almost two, really), EliContinue reading “Dancing about Architecture: A conversation with architect and cartoonist Klaus”

The [not so] Fine Line – A Conversation with Sophie Lovell

From left to right: Herzog & De Meuron, Zaha Hadid, Rafael Moneo, Alvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Moura, PEter Eisenman, Le Corbusier, Mies Van der Rohe, Philip Johnson, Bjarke Ingels, Rem Koolhaas, Zvi Hecker, myself, Preston Scott Cohen, Michael Meredith, and Hilary Sample. Missing are Reyner Banham and François Dallegret, who were edited out because ofContinue reading “The [not so] Fine Line – A Conversation with Sophie Lovell”

Iterations: SANAA get Pritzker Prize 2010

Now that’s been a couple of weeks after the Pritzker Ceremony, and following my policy of never publishing anything when it’s due, I decided to finish the month with a little recap. This is the way the cartoon was supposed to be on the first place, but I felt that the in-joke departed too muchContinue reading “Iterations: SANAA get Pritzker Prize 2010”

GSD Lectures 2008: Parametric Performances

Parametric Performances Lecture @GSD Webcasts: http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/events/webcasts/ Neri Oxman: http://materialecology.blogspot.com/ Joe McDonald: http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/people/faculty/macdonald/index.html Ciro Najle: http://aap.cornell.edu/arch/faculty/faculty-profile.cfm?customel_datapageid_7102=18493

Past Events: Ordos 2008 with Jeff Kipnis

From the Archives of Trays: Ordos Discussion with Jeff Kipnis at the GSD Webcasts: http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/events/webcasts/

Past Events: Scott Cohen vs. Ben van Berkel

BEN VAN BERKEL CHATS WITH PRESTON SCOTT COHEN AT HARVARD: http://sorcerer.design.harvard.edu/gsdlectures/f2006/BVanberkel.mov OF DIAGRAMS AND AFTER: ACONVERSATION WITH BEN VAN BERKEL: http://the-t-machine.blogspot.com/2008/05/by-dimitris-gourdoukis-unstudio-has.html