The Man Who Would Be Rome. Albert Uderzo (1927-2020)

Click to enlarge Today would have been Albert Uderzo’s 94th birthday, had it not been for the unfortunate heart attack that took his life in March 2020, at the ripe old age of 92. On this occasion, I thought it would be timely to recover this column from my section ‘Arquinoir’, published in Arquine magazineContinue reading “The Man Who Would Be Rome. Albert Uderzo (1927-2020)”

Happy 2021! (aka: UnTrumped!)

Click to enlarge At last! And about time, if you ask me (to wish you a Happy New Year, I mean). It’s been quite a while since I last drew a political and/or no-architectural cartoon. Well, it has the White House in it, so, what the heck! Paging the divine Monty Python: “…and there wasContinue reading “Happy 2021! (aka: UnTrumped!)”

The year(s) of living dangerously.

Late as usual, but later than ever, here’s finally that cartoon I’d been teasing with (here) in the last days of 2020. In my defense, I have to say it was mostly ready in time for the December 31st deadline, but due to recent developments, I’ve been considering whether it would be timely or not.Continue reading “The year(s) of living dangerously.”

¿Por qué la Arquitectura se sigue dibujando? / Why is Architecture still being drawn?

Click to enlarge Next Saturday, November 14, I will be giving a two-hour seminar in the course ‘¿Por qué la Arquitectura se sigue dibujando? – Ocho Experiencias de Dibujo Arquitectónico’ [Why is Architecture still being drawn? – Eight Experiences with architectural drawing] organized by Publishing House/Multimedia Emporium Arquine. This course is yet one more inContinue reading “¿Por qué la Arquitectura se sigue dibujando? / Why is Architecture still being drawn?”

We don’t need no education (Happy World Architecture Day 2020)

Click to enlarge Earlier today I was getting ready to post about my contribution to the AR’s ‘Letters to a Young Architect’ special issue, which in my case, has quite a special focus on architects’ education, when I realized (as in: someone mentioned it in twitter) that today we celebrate (ha!) simultaneously the World ArchitectureContinue reading “We don’t need no education (Happy World Architecture Day 2020)”

Looking backwards: Remembering Mextropoli 2018

From left to right: Aura Luz Melis, Petra Blaisse, Him, Alex Hernández, Pedro Hernández (not related), Miquel Adriá, Iñaqui Carnicero. (Click to enlarge) As you may know, from September 5 until today, September 7 2020, Mextropoli, Festival de Arquitectura y Ciudad is celebrating its 7th edition, ‘(Un)sustainable City’ in Mexico City. As usual, this yearContinue reading “Looking backwards: Remembering Mextropoli 2018”