Cover of Arquine #91: (Un)sustainable City

  Click to enlarge As many of you already know if you’re reading these lines, in 2014 I started contributing to Mexican architecture magazine Arquine, which, after the sad demise of both Uncube and A10, has become my longest ongoing collaboration with any architectural media. There have been many -and varied- fruitful results from this relationship,Continue reading “Cover of Arquine #91: (Un)sustainable City”

Iberian Tour 2020: ‘KLAUS: 10 Years of Architecture and Cartoons’ at ETSA – UNAV’

Click to enlarge Following last month’s lecture at the School of Architecture of Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona, next Friday I’ll be presenting a retrospective of my work at the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra (ETSAUN). You’re all welcome if you feel like attending, and you might get a signed print ifContinue reading “Iberian Tour 2020: ‘KLAUS: 10 Years of Architecture and Cartoons’ at ETSA – UNAV’”

January 2020: Lecture at UIC’s ‘Foros 2020’ lecture series (Recap)

Click to enlarge This is something that should have been done almost a month ago, but, as my recaps of my own events go, it’s possibly one of my teeniest delays (there are some events from 2018 which are still waiting their turn into this not-yet-completely-abandoned blog). So, just a few lines to acknowledge &Continue reading “January 2020: Lecture at UIC’s ‘Foros 2020’ lecture series (Recap)”

January 2020: Lecture at UIC’s ‘Foros 2020’ lecture series.

Click to enlarge Next week I will be ging the opening lecture of the ‘Foros’ lecture series at the School of Achitecture of the UIC Barcelona – Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, thanks to a kind invitation by Fredy Massad and Guillem Carabí, organizers of the 2020 edition. This year’s series, titled ‘Co-Benefits’, will focus on theContinue reading “January 2020: Lecture at UIC’s ‘Foros 2020’ lecture series.”

Happy 2020! (sort of)

Click to enlarge It’s been an wful amount of years since I haven’t drawn a Christmas -or New Year- greeting cardtoon (I just made that up as I typed), and I thought it was about time, so here it is: Happy 2020 to everyone! -most especially to all those who have been following this humbleContinue reading “Happy 2020! (sort of)”

Why I hate Blade Runner

Click to enlarge  I saw Blade Runner for the first time on the end-of-the-Summer Friday night of September 2, 1988. I remember it with such accuracy because, at a time where there were only two TV channels available, and I still had no VCR at home, the premiere on television of any movie was greetedContinue reading “Why I hate Blade Runner”

Klaustoon’s Blog: 10 years and still here.

Image via Oh, dear. When, 5 years ago, I realized this blog had reached its 5 year mark, and I set out to write an anniversary post of sorts, I distinctly remember thinking: ‘Really? Five years already?’ It certainly felt much less than that in some respects, possibly because producing Klaus-related stuff had been anContinue reading “Klaustoon’s Blog: 10 years and still here.”

Print (&) Run

Click to enlarge A collection of prints of past cartoons from Arquine, A10, Uncube, as well as a few others published in the last 10 years, en route to Santiago de Chile, where I’ll spend next week. I’ll keep reporting. (In the pic, ‘¿Qué tienen las casas de hoy en día que las hace tanContinue reading “Print (&) Run”

Numerus Klausus #27: Cross Polin Nation.

Click to enlarge Another blast from the past. As I was going through a checklist of my cartoons for Uncube, I found out I hadn’t posted this one, either. Some backstory: back in January 2016, Uncube was planning to put together an entire issue on Zvi Hecker (and more: check AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN – ZVI HECKER’S HOUSINGContinue reading “Numerus Klausus #27: Cross Polin Nation.”

Rotor: Creative deconstruction – Illustration for A10 #67

Click to enlarge I thought I had already uploaded all the cartoons I had done for Indira van’t Kloosteer’s section ‘Interchange: Architects in Action’. ‘Interchange’ ran from March 2014 through April 2016 in the pages of A10: New European Architecture (issues #56-68), and all its entries featured a full-page cartoon in every issue (I mightContinue reading “Rotor: Creative deconstruction – Illustration for A10 #67”