Russian Connection

Just in time to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Mathias Rust’s famous vacation to Moscow, Russian Magazine Project International features this month an old cartoon from this blog. Actually -unlike Mr. Rust- I came in as a guest. Last month, Sergei Sitar, from Project Russia, contacted me in order to publish one of the Latour&SloterdijkContinue reading “Russian Connection”

Koolhaas at the GSD: Current Preoccupations

Click to enlarge Earlier this month Rem Koolhaas returned to the Harvard GSD in order to give one of his infrequent and multitudinous conferences. Filed under the motto “current preoccupations”, the talk, which replayed Koolhaas’s October lecture at the Barbican, showcased a bunch of different issues taking place on and around OMA’s office. And so,Continue reading “Koolhaas at the GSD: Current Preoccupations”

Harvard Exhibition: Dispatches from the GSD – 75 years of design (Some Klaus inside)

Dispatches from the GSD Exhibition – Main Wall. The 2011-12 academic year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and in order to celebrate it, the GSD will host a number of events regarding the anniversary throughout the whole academic year. Along with those, the GSD is hostingContinue reading “Harvard Exhibition: Dispatches from the GSD – 75 years of design (Some Klaus inside)”

Iterations: Marketing Strategies (I): Ciro Najle’s Motherhouse

Click to enlarge Just for the sake of clarity, I’d like to make it clear this does not reflect neither an unconscious -or conscious- obsession with Ciro Najle -whose own obsession I find truly interesting- nor an attempt to capitalize on the fact that, for some unexplainable reason, the cartoon about the Motherhouse lecture (theContinue reading “Iterations: Marketing Strategies (I): Ciro Najle’s Motherhouse”

Mohsen Mostafavi and Sanford Kwinter: Hairstyles

Mohsen Mostafavi and Sanford Kwinter, “On Conjecture”: From the Archives of Trays: (enhanced version) Sanford Kwinter: Mohsen Mostafavi: and… Alan Altshuler:

GSD Lectures 2008: Parametric Performances

Parametric Performances Lecture @GSD Webcasts: Neri Oxman: Joe McDonald: Ciro Najle: