‘Letter to a Young Architect’ 2-page comic for the Architectural Review no. 1474

Click to enlarge. The cartoon as published in the magazine (in two facing pages) can be found below Back in late July, Elly Beaumont, from the Architectural Review, contacted me regarding their -then- forthcoming issue, which would feature, in R.M. Rilke fashion, a series of ‘Letters to a Young Architect’ written by a selection ofContinue reading “‘Letter to a Young Architect’ 2-page comic for the Architectural Review no. 1474”

January 2020: Lecture at UIC’s ‘Foros 2020’ lecture series.

Click to enlarge Next week I will be ging the opening lecture of the ‘Foros’ lecture series at the School of Achitecture of the UIC Barcelona – Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, thanks to a kind invitation by Fredy Massad and Guillem Carabí, organizers of the 2020 edition. This year’s series, titled ‘Co-Benefits’, will focus on theContinue reading “January 2020: Lecture at UIC’s ‘Foros 2020’ lecture series.”

Why I hate Blade Runner

Click to enlarge  I saw Blade Runner for the first time on the end-of-the-Summer Friday night of September 2, 1988. I remember it with such accuracy because, at a time where there were only two TV channels available, and I still had no VCR at home, the premiere on television of any movie was greetedContinue reading “Why I hate Blade Runner”

Quotidian (T)errors: Hyperbole, Caricature, Deformation and Other Catalysts of Invention – Article for Bitácora Magazine

Click to enlarge As a way to celebrate this year’s anniversary (the 10 years of Klaustoon’s Blog, I mean, not the advent of Blade Runner’s 2019), the next months will see some posts looking backwards to past events. And amongst them,  a few will deal with events from last year, 2018, which was a ratherContinue reading “Quotidian (T)errors: Hyperbole, Caricature, Deformation and Other Catalysts of Invention – Article for Bitácora Magazine”

And the Pritzker Goes to… [A Short-short History of the Pritzker Prize]

Click to enlarge So, since tomorrow, March 5, 2019, will see the announcement of the 2019 Pritzker Architecture Prize, I thought it might be worth to whet (y)our appetite with this short piece from last year. The text, published within my ongoing section ‘ArquiNoir’ in issue #84 of Mexican magazine Arquine, was written -as youContinue reading “And the Pritzker Goes to… [A Short-short History of the Pritzker Prize]”

Numerus Klausus #27: Cross Polin Nation.

Click to enlarge Another blast from the past. As I was going through a checklist of my cartoons for Uncube, I found out I hadn’t posted this one, either. Some backstory: back in January 2016, Uncube was planning to put together an entire issue on Zvi Hecker (and more: check AIN’T NO MOUNTAIN – ZVI HECKER’S HOUSINGContinue reading “Numerus Klausus #27: Cross Polin Nation.”

Rotor: Creative deconstruction – Illustration for A10 #67

Click to enlarge I thought I had already uploaded all the cartoons I had done for Indira van’t Kloosteer’s section ‘Interchange: Architects in Action’. ‘Interchange’ ran from March 2014 through April 2016 in the pages of A10: New European Architecture (issues #56-68), and all its entries featured a full-page cartoon in every issue (I mightContinue reading “Rotor: Creative deconstruction – Illustration for A10 #67”

Mexico Tour (Reprise)

Click to enlarge A few months ago, not long after coming back from my US Tour, I traveled to Mexico for the first time in my life (shame on me, I know), in order to open an exhibition (Arquinoir by Klaus at the CCEMex), speak at the Mextropoli Festival, and even teach a little. OfContinue reading “Mexico Tour (Reprise)”