Dancing about Architecture: A conversation with architect and cartoonist Klaus

Click to enlarge I’ve been neglecting posting this since April, when it was published, after teasing about it for several months on twitter. But, since it took me ages to actually deliver it to the editors, I think it’s kinda fitting. To make a long story short: Over a year ago (almost two, really), EliContinue reading “Dancing about Architecture: A conversation with architect and cartoonist Klaus”

In De Toneelschuur

Amazingly, it’s been almost 4 years since we put together our special issue of MAS Context: Narrative, mostly thanks to chief editor Iker Gil’s help and persistence. In it, we included a short interview with comic-book icon Joost Swarte, who kindly answered our questions about his Toneelschuur Theatre, built in collaboration with Mecanoo Architects. Paradoxically,Continue reading “In De Toneelschuur”